Lauren Boyd: Seeing through Japanese/Hawaiian-American eyes

I want to begin by saying I am American. I was born and raised in America however my father was not. His mother was full Japanese (Grandma Yoshi) and married my grandfather (Grandpa Boyd) who was Hawaiian. My father is half Japanese and half Hawaiian and was born and raised in Japan for most of his childhood. Continue reading “Lauren Boyd: Seeing through Japanese/Hawaiian-American eyes”

Lauren Boyd: Black Thread

This year’s theme: Repair

I have been traveling now for the past two years or so to nearly 11 countries in total –One adventure I am currently in the midst of. When I reflect on this, my mind is flooded by memories of experiences: cultures, people, places, sensations, distinct smells, and some of the most incredible sights I have had the pleasure to see in my life so far. Continue reading “Lauren Boyd: Black Thread”

Erick Niyiragira: My Story

This interview – with my good friend Erick – is actually the moment where I decided I wanted to commit to writing and documenting global culture.

Erick’s story, a true refugee story – highlights both the good and the bad of humanity.
His life, moving from Burundi to Australia, takes many twists and turns, more than one human ever deserves.

But his warm smile, and grateful attitude, will warm your heart!